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Redesign and user test of the Carrefour Livré Chez Vous customer service platform

Durée : 2 months


  • Mockups
  • Preparing and conducting user tests
  • Dev review


Carrefour Livré Chez Vous uses an OMS for the hotline service advisers. They answer customers calls and manage their requests directly on their orders.

The OMS (Order Management System) centralizes orders from Carrefour customers, and allows the after-sales service advisers to manage and monitor them, from the order placement to its delivery.
For the redesign of the platform, 2 other UX designers and I worked directly with the advisers, who use it daily.

Preparing the tests

From the designs we created, we defined real use cases, for which we prepared test protocols and scoring grids.

With our intermediate at Carrefour Livré Chez Vous, we defined 5 profiles of advisers (junior and senior) to carry out the user tests.

Conduct the tests

In Carrefour’s premises in Saint-Étienne, we conducted the tests under real conditions. They lasted 15 minutes each, followed by discussion time and a self-analysis of each step of the test.

We collected the verbatims, recorded the screen and the face of the person, to observe their reactions a posteriori.

Analyze the tests results

The tests brought to light the problems of understanding and adhesion of the 5 users. We determined the changes to be made, prioritized them, and adjusted the designs accordingly for the MVP.

Finally, we summarized our analysis and the changes we made in a document intended for the client.