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Aladin by Invivo

Product Design and User Research (including implementation of the Discovery phase) for

Durée : 1 year 5 months

Main missions

  • User Research: shadowings, interviews, tests
  • UX workshops: vision, ideation, etc.
  • Responsibility of user knowledge and its impact
  • Involvement in the definition of the product roadmap


The end users are farmers and technicians, who help them in the management of their activity.
Their cooperatives are intermediate users, they add their products to the catalog.

Our Product Design method

I joined the Invivo Digital Factory Studio as a Product Designer, almost 100% remotely. Often carried out in Pair Design, revolved around the product in several steps:

  1. Collection of user needs: user interviews, surveys, analysis and capitalization of our knowledge
  2. Studying the opportunity: benchmark, vision and ideation workshops, definition of KPIs, user tests
  3. Delivery: creation of mockups with components connected to the Design System and dev review

User Research process

After a while, I became lead user researcher, and my responsibilities and missions evolved:

  • Frequent contact with the field: farmers, TC and cooperatives
  • Review of atomic research documentation: breakdown of each interaction into facts, insights and connected to product recommendations (all entered in the app)
  • Definition of research process (templates, discovery phase, etc.)
  • Share to internal teams (during reports and when defining the product roadmap) and to intermediate users

Thus, I overviewed the exchanges with the users, making sure that they were accessible to everyone, frequent, carried out with the right posture, and correctly documented afterwards.
I thereby ensured the neutrality of the user data collected by each member of the factory: studio, deployment of the offer and product teams, and also marketing.

In summary, my role was to ensure the opulence, objectivity, posterity, influence and impact of our user knowledge, on the product and the business.